Educational Technology

The Educational Technology team is the College’s primary resource providing technology tools, instructional design, multimedia production and support for faculty, staff and students.

We focus our efforts on developing ways to improve student achievement by integrating technology into the learning process. We emphasize how students learn with technology, as opposed to merely learning about technology. Our goal is to optimize students’ learning opportunities by providing the resources, instructional support and facilities for faculty and students to use.

Our Services


We offer consultation and guidance to College of Education and Human Ecology faculty. Our expertise can help you determine effective strategies for using educational technology to facilitate students' learning and successfully integrate it into your teaching and learning environments.

Our team will work with you to figure out the appropriate technologies to use, develop content and strategies for hybrid and online teaching to help make your courses more engaging, increase active learning and enable students to think more critically.

The Educational Technology team also offers advice on implementing current best practices, expert training, and strategic assistance necessary for the college and its students to use technology effectively.

We can help you with the following services:

  • Blogs Integration (WordPress)
  • Course Design
  • Course Redesign
  • Course Revision Seminar
  • Course Management integration (Carmen)
  • Effective and best practices
  • Emerging educational technology trends
  • Integrating technology into blended/online courses
  • Learning Spaces (physical* & virtual)
  • Lecture Capture
  • Multimedia Studio (effective use in the course)
  • Multimedia Editing (video, audio editing)
  • Program Planning (IE online certificate degrees, programs, course series)
  • Quality Matters consult/guidance
  • Video Hosting options
  • Wiki integration

* Supports physical learning space design and consultation in collaboration with OIT, OCIO, Facilities, Disability Services, and other units that support classroom design.

Multimedia Production

We assist faculty, staff and students in the production of custom, professional quality audio and video presentations and the materials to support teaching and learning in their courses. This includes storyboarding, scripting, pre- and post-production and delivery of the final product. We also offer consultation and integration strategy support.

Transcripts and closed captioning is included in the multimedia service for all multimedia products that are created by the EHE EdTech Multimedia team. This service is not provided for audio or video projects that are instructor/ student produced. We encourage you to contact Transcribe OSU for this paid service.

To see examples of our videos as well as tutorials on video creation, please visit the EHE EdTech YouTube Channel.

Request Multimedia Support

Lecture Capture

Transitioning from Tegrity to Mediasite:
Because Ohio State has implemented a quality lecture capture system (Mediasite) at the central level, EHE no longer needs its own lecture capture software (Tegrity). After July 31st 2015 all lecture capture will be done using the University-supported Mediasite. Therefore, EHE’s Tegrity access is ending soon. EHE EdTech is committed to assisting faculty in the transition from Tegrity to OSU’s Mediasite. Faculty who have recordings on Tegrity will be provided access to their lectures and provided instructions on how to transfer these videos to Mediasite, and how to change the links to their recordings in Carmen. Faculty with videos on Tegrity will be contacted and asked to notify us of whether or not they wish to keep a copy of their recordings. If Faculty do not respond by September 25 2015, a list of videos and who recorded the videos and for what class will be provided to the Chair. The Chair will then be asked to decide what they would like to have happen with the videos. Please contact Kelvin Trefz to begin the process.

Lecture capture can support teaching and learning in a variety of ways from the traditional classroom capture to creating personalized review exam sessions. It lets you record lectures or learning objects in your classroom, office, home or anywhere you have access to a computer and Internet access. 

EHE College Commons (RA 260)

The EHE College Commons is a unique and modern space created to encourage a collaborative, flexible teaching and learning environment. Able to comfortably host a full assembly of EHE faculty, staff and students, the space allows those affiliated with the college to meet, work and create – all in one location.

It combines a flexible collaborative work environment with the most cutting-edge learning tools and technology.

At the EHE College Commons you’ll be able to use:

  • MediaScape collaboration unit
  • 2 unique SMART Board interactive spaces
  • Professional media and sound recording studio with podcast capabilities
  • Library table with Lifesize teleprescence system
  • Movable computers
  • Multimedia Computing Stations
  • Configurable spaces with multiple layouts or 1 large meeting space to accommodate up to 170 people

Request the EHE College Commons today. Once your request is received, an EHE EdTech associate will help assess your needs and suggest an appropriate space/layout. In keeping with the space’s open aesthetic, placing a reservation does not "close-out" adjacent spaces.

One-Button Studio (in the Commons RA 360A)

The One-Button Studio is a place where you or your students can come to easily record yourself on video.  This system, originally developed by Penn State, streamlines the process, so all you have to do is insert your USB flash drive (default FAT 32 formatted).  This will automatically turn on the lights and the camera will be ready to record.  Then, you simply press the big button to record yourself teaching, practicing a dissertation defense, introducing your course, etc.  It even has a reflecmedia curtain with green and blue lights that can change the color of the backdrop if you want to do greenscreen effects and place yourself in another environment in video editing software.  We can help with these post-production processes.  But, if you’re doing a simple backdrop recording, then all you need to do is press the button again to stop recording, and your video is automatically compressed and saved to your flashdrive!

This is a great space for students to practice giving speeches and presentations and do self-evaluation.

Reserve a Time to Record

Whisper Room: Audio Recording Studio (In the Commons RA 260)

The Whisper Room is a state of the art 8.5 x 10.5 foot sound-proofed room equipped with sound dampening panels, 2 windows, a 27-inch iMac computer, and a professional mixer and microphone.  

Like all of the other Macs in the Commons, the computer is loaded with GarageBand, Audacity, iMovie, Photoshop, and Adobe Premiere Pro amongst other multimedia editing software, so for any of your audio / video recording or editing needs, we’ve got you covered!

But, wait! There’s more!  You won’t need to be alone in your media creation pursuits.  The EHE EdTech team has skilled student multimedia production assistants available to help you with video editing, conversion, compression, audio recording / editing, DVD burning, and more!  We even have Windows computers if you want to edit video using Windows Movie Maker.

When it comes to recording audio, you want to have the highest-quality available with as little noise as possible so that your projects sound professional and have longevity that you’re proud to share, and as students or staff of the College of EHE, this quality is provided to you for free!

All you need is your BuckID, a USB drive, and your creativity!

Come see the student workers at the Commons front desk to make a reservation or visit to request a reservation time.

Multimedia Studio (RA 339)

The multimedia studio provides leading-edge technology and equipment to faculty and students that can be used for a variety of high-end multimedia activities. The studio houses current equipment and a video editing station for EHE students to work on academic-related video and audio projects. In this space you can create and edit high quality video products. Our multimedia studio is ideal for one-on-one interviews, small group video projects and voice recording.

Multimedia Equipment Loans

Multimedia Equipment Loans – EHE-Edtech

We loan video cameras, USB microphones, digital audio recorders, and tripods to EHE faculty, staff and students in EHE classes to support their needs or requirements. Students must be enrolled in EHE coursework and must present their BUCK ID and current course syllabus at time of loan.

Video equipment checkouts are handled at EHE Service Desk and Client Computer office (Ramseyer Hall 16). The person at the front desk will be able to assist the students.

The EHE Service Desk and Client Computer office hours are: Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Please arrive no later than 30 minutes before closing time to process checkouts / returns.

All equipment is loaned for a one month period.

The Team

Sarah Bear, Interim Director, Instructional Designer
Jennifer Cooke, Education Technology Specialist
Andy Vogel, Program Assistant
Eric Neeb, Senior Video Producer


Location: Ramseyer Hall 245
Phone: 614-247-8324