Promotion and Tenure

Promotion and tenure are awarded to tenure-track faculty who have demonstrated excellence in scholarship and teaching and who have provided solid service to their field and to the university. Specific guidelines and criteria are found in each department's APT document.

The Office of Faculty Affairs offers workshops to prepare for promotion and tenure. We welcome you to contact us if you have any questions. We can meet with you one-on-one to answer questions and to describe the promotion and tenure process. We also recommend talking with your department chair and the chair of your department's promotion and tenure committee.

Seeking Promotion/Tenure

There are four areas you need to become familiar if you seek promotion or tenure.

The procedural guidelines include general information about the review process at the college and university level. You'll also find information about any legal considerations affecting promotion and tenure evaluations, examples of how candidates are evaluated and other information intended to assist in the review process.


The timeline for promotion and tenure reviews are evaluated and coordinated among the college, the departments and the Office of Academic Affairs. See the calendar and deadlines for important dates to meet for your promotion or tenure review.