Frequently Asked Questions

If the answer to your question isn’t listed here, feel free to contact the OIT Service Desk.

My headshot is missing or old. Can I get a new one?

Many College of Education and Human Ecology (EHE) faculty members—and some staff—have headshots featured on college websites. A good example is Dean Achterberg’s photo on the Office of the Dean website. If your headshot is outdated or missing, the Office of Communication and Media Relations may be able to help you out. Email Janet Ciccone to discuss your options.

How can I create/update my faculty profile page?

A faculty profile is an easy way for current and prospective students to learn about faculty in the College of Education and Human Ecology. Faculty are strongly encouraged to create a profile and keep it updated as this is the easiest way for students, particularly prospective graduate students, to learn about the work you are doing and determine if they want to learn more about your research.

We have created a profile template to help guide the creation of your profile. Email the completed template to and a member of our Web Services team will create or update your profile and let you know when the work is done.

What is Carmen?

Carmen is The Ohio State University’s online learning management system. It includes classroom tools (e.g., online courses and content) and a wiki system, as well as support for web conferencing and lecture capture. The university’s Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) hosts and maintains the system. The OCIO also provides all technical support and training for Carmen. Learn more on the OCIO’s website.

What is hybrid, blended, or online?

Hybrid and blended are the same term and they describe a course where the class time is divided between virtual/online and the classroom. Online courses have all of the class time within a virtual environment like Carmen (Learning Management System).

Where can I do multimedia editing?

Multimedia editing stations are in the College Commons (RA 260), RA 339 and RA 336. See Classroom Technology and Learning Spaces.

Where can I make an audio recording or podcast?

Audio recording or podcasts can be created in the recording studios (RA 360A or RA339) or at any of the multimedia editing stations. You schedule the recording studios by contacting Educational Technology.

What is lecture capture?

Lecture capture is making a video of you while you are lecturing capturing yourself and all other materials and media used during the lecture. It also refers to any audio and video sessions that could be used as a lecture like voice over PowerPoint or voice over other applications.

How can I communicate with all of my students without being in the physical classroom?

There are many ways to communicate/interact with students without being in the classroom. There are synchronous, one-directional and two-way communications between lecture and students or with persons in single/multiple locations.

Synchronous communications and two communications can be facilitated through the use of the university’s Carmen Connect system.

One-directional communications can be facilitated through multiple mediums including: email, Carmen (threaded discussion boards, Course Content, News, Calendar), podcasts, vodcasts and lecture capture tools. Contact the Educational Technology team for a consult to find out more about the tool.

How do I move or take my course to hybrid or online?

We have a workshop called the Course Revision Seminar that guides you through this process or we can do consultations. Please contact Educational Technology for more information.