OIT provides faculty and staff a wired connection for access to the network resources including the internet. This connection is provided at no cost.

How Do I Get Started?

If you're eligible to use this service, simply contact the OIT Service Desk.

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What's Included

Local Area Networking (wired building networks)

EHE maintains and provides Local Area Network connectivity within EHE buildings. These local area networks are connected to each other and to the internet via OCIO's OSUNet. OIT will provide all staff and faculty one physical network connection per person, and provide network connections for each computer in college owned computer labs and classrooms available for use to any department within the college.

Remote Access (VPN)

OIT offers Virtual Private Network (or VPN) service that allows EHE faculty and staff to gain 'local access' to university resources from any remote site via other Internet service providers.

Optional Features

In some situations, staff and faculty may desire or require more than one network connection in a particular room. If there is an already existing extra connection(s), OIT will enable the port(s) if not already enabled, at no cost. If there are no extra connections, it will be up to the faculty or staff members' department or grant-funded project to pay all costs associated with installing additional network connections.


  1. Most Network Drops are between $150 and $300, additionally OIT will charge a $100 port charge for each new drop to cover networking hardware expenses. However, additional network connections vary widely in pricing depending on many variables. A quote will be provided prior to any work being completed to allow for the expense to be accepted or rejected.
  2. Non-OSUNet connections are billed at telecommunication company rates.
  3. There is no charge for VPN access


All staff and faculty are eligible to use any of the General Networking Services. Use of these services requires valid EHE network credentials.

Special Considerations

Site Network Status
Arps Hall Fully Supported
Ramseyer Hall Fully Supported
Campbell Hall Fully Supported
PAES Fully Supported
1900 Kinnear Fully Supported
Mount Fully Supported
1100 Kinnear Fully Supported
Schoenbaum Family Center Limited Support
4th Street STAR House Limited Support
  • OIT provides this full service to on-campus buildings located on network infrastructure owned by OCIO (OSUNet.) The current list of buildings is following:
  • Buildings that are not serviced by OSUNet will see slower network speeds which may impact work performed at these sites. If additional bandwidth is required, the cost of the additional bandwidth will be passed on to the department or unit located in that building.
  • It is the customer's responsibility to maintain reasonable access to the network port. If a customer moves furniture (book cases, desks, free standing cube walls, etc) in front of an existing network port and blocks access to that port, OIT will not be able to perform troubleshooting on that connection until the furniture is moved. It is the responsibility of the customer to move furniture weighing more than 20Lbs.
  • If construction in a department renders a network connection inoperable or inaccessible, the cost of repair will be passed on to the department.
  • Customers are expected to work with OIT when planning office moves to different buildings or relocating furniture to ensure sufficient network connectivity is available in the new location.
  • OIT is not responsible for off-campus networks such as home networks. Customers wanting to use a VPN connection to access resources should ensure that the network they are using allows outbound PPTP connections.