Service Rates

Effective Fiscal Year 2014, OIT charges the following rates for services.

If you have any questions, contact the OIT Service Desk and we'll be happy to help.

Service Rate
Additional Storage (2 TB) $100.00 per month
Application Development $65.00 per hour
Application Hosting $164.00 per month
Database Administration or Development $43.00 per hour
Graphic Design $66.00 per hour
Instructional Media Development $60.00 per hour
Instructional Support $55.00 per hour
Management Support $75.00 per hour
Network Support $60.00 per hour
Project Management $75.00 per hour
Student Assistant $11.00 per hour
Systems Administration $46.00 per hour
Technical Support $32.00 per hour
Technical Support - Systems Administrator $46.00 per hour
Virtual Server Hosting $90.00 per month
Web Development $66.00 per hour
Web Hosting (Basic) $12.00 per month
Web Hosting (CMS) $66.00 per month
Web Hosting (Dedicated Server) $200.00 per month