Web Design and Development

OIT's Web Services team offers a variety of web design and development options. Our designers and developers can create all manner of online resources—from the simple to the complex.

How Do I Get Started?

If you're eligible to use this service, simply contact the OIT Service Desk.

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What's Included

Every web design project is a little different, but our deliverables generally include the following:

  • One (1) final site.
  • Start-to-finish project management and supervision.
  • Clear affiliation with the College of Education and Human Ecology (if desired).
  • Hosting, maintenance, and support (if needed).
  • The creation of an "ehe.osu.edu" or "osu.edu" domain name.

Our environment offers the following standard options:

  • Separate Linux-based development and production servers
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Apache
  • WordPress
  • Daily backups

Optional Features

Optional features vary by project. We'll discuss these with you during the discovery meeting.


For most web design service requests, OIT charges a reasonable hourly rate. All projects begin with a 30-minute discovery meeting. There is no charge for this meeting. Following this meeting, a project quote will be provided if applicable. If the customer accepts the quote, an approved eRequest is required before any work starts.

Separate eRequests may be necessary for certain charges. These may include—but are not limited to—service charges for additional software, setup fees, stock photo purchases, and so forth. Changes to the project's scope of work may necessitate additional or revised eRequests as well.

OIT does not charge for web design services used for certain EHE purposes; however, the Web Services Manager must review and approve all such requests before any work begins. In some cases, consultation with senior EHE Leaders may be necessary as well.


This service is available to The Ohio State University community and all active EHE faculty and staff members.

Special Considerations

  • The OIT Web Services team must have all necessary source materials (e.g., body copy, text, images, report data, etc.) before commencing work.
  • The delivery time for a project depends on the complexity of the project. Specific delivery times will be discussed during the discovery meeting.
  • The customer retains ownership of all resources they purchase to complete a project.
  • OIT Web Services reserves the right to reuse a customer's work for advertisement or promotional purposes unless the customer requests otherwise at time of completion.