Policies and Forms

The policies and procedures for faculty to request leave and special assignments.

As a faculty member, you may be asked to help with new faculty searches or appointments. The Office of Faculty Affairs has compiled helpful materials to help ensure an effective search.

Finance and business forms and documents related to college and university policies.

If in the course of your employment, you become aware of a violation of state or federal statutes, rules, or regulations or the misuse of public resources, you may file a written report identifying the violation or misuse with your supervisor.

The Office of Faculty Affairs helps faculty members when they have an issue with another faculty member that needs resolved.

Guides, how-to and frequently asked questions about common human resources requests for employees and supervisors.

A helpful list of information important to your day-to-day duties as an Ohio State employee.

Policies related to auxiliary faculty appointments, cell phones, college courses, retirement events/gifts, expenditures and travel and more.

Policies related to alcohol, asset management, short-term closing, conflicts of interests, human resources, P-Cards, sign ordering and more.

Guides, trainings and other materials to help managers effectively manage employee performances.