Teaching Resources

The Curriculum Committee shall review and recommend action to the Dean on all curriculum policy, academic degrees, curricular and course proposals, and all academic proposals and procedural issues pertaining to the operation of on- and off-campus instructional programs.

Technology coaching at EHE has a number of training opportunities to get the most out of the software you use on a daily basis. Training is available for MS Office, Wordpress, lecture capture and more.

Tegrity is the college’s popular tool that allows instructors to record lecture and other learning objects to support teaching and learning. EHE Educational Technology has a listing of classrooms with Tegrity installed and offers full support.

Faculty can request new courses, course changes and make one-time offerings. The Office of Assessment and Curriculum has developed a flow chart and listed deadlines for curriculum requests.

For new majors, minors, specializations and non-degree programs or changes to existing program, faculty need to make a program request. A flow chart and important documents to make program additions and revisions from Assessment and Curriculum are helpful for submissions.

This online assessment tool allows educator programs to collect monitor and analyze progress toward meeting state and national standards for licensure.