Technology Support

As an active EHE employee you have the ability to request an EHE account from OIT. This account can be used to access college resources, such as your work computer and shared network locations.

Use this source to find all the classrooms equipped with technology and maintained by EHE OIT. When you find a classroom you want to use, work with your departmental contacts to reserve the space.

Find out how to get technical support for your college-owned computer.

OIT maintains backups of all file servers and all data stored on shared networks. Deleted or lost files can be restored and previous versions of files can be restored as long as it is within the last 30 days.

Video cameras and tripods can be borrowed by EHE faculty, staff and students enrolled in EHE coursework. Checkout equipment in the College Commons.

The Educational Technology team provides faculty, staf and students the technology, instructional design and multimedia production to improve teach and learning processes.

EHE OIT implements and maintains technology in several college classrooms. OIT has a list of all EHE classrooms equipped with technology and the types installed.

EHE’s graphic designer can create several types of materials to help you with events, branding, websites, brochures, flyers and more. Set up your graphic design consultation through the EHE OIT Service Desk.

Have a technology question? Computer problems? Printer not working? Need a website? Connect with EHE OIT for help.

If you need help with computer programs or hardware, an EHE OIT analyst can get you the technical support you need.

Use this resource if you need to access the EHE network away from your office or EHE resources.

OIT maintains several student computer labs in EHE buildings. Some are used for classes. Faculty, staff and students can use the labs when classes are not in session. Check the room schedules posted at the computer labs listed on this page for current open hours.

Get help setting up or troubleshooting email issues and wireless accounts.

Have old, unused technology? OIT can facilitate the proper disposal of surplus technology. You’ll need a list of the assets and their locations prior to pick up. Contact the Service Desk to get started.

To request a Qualtrics account, review how to get started with the online survey research tool.

Faculty and staff can borrow equipment from OIT. The following equipment is available for loan: laptops, projectors, multimedia carts, microphones and miscellaneous hardware, including computer mice and cables. The Service Desk is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday-Friday to assist with these requests.

Need a new computer, laptop or printer? OIT can get you a price quote on what one would cost.

OIT's interactive video conferencing service lets EHE faculty, staff and students collaborate in real time with others across campus or across the globe. With a little creativity and planning, we can help you bring guest speakers and lecturers into your classroom, hold seminars, hold office hours and even conduct tutoring from virtually anywhere.

In collaboration with the Office of Advancement, Web Services offers writing and editing services for web content.

The Web Services team offers a variety of web design and development services. To start your consultation contact the EHE OIT Service Desk.