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EHE College Budget Advisory Committee

EHE College Budget Advisory Committee


The College of Education and Human Ecology aspires to be a center of excellence in research and scholarly programs focusing on the complex issues affecting individuals, families, schools, and consumers in our global communities. The College Budget Committee's suggested list of "Attributes of a Budgeting System" seeks to strengthen our commitment to and collective efforts in support of our vision. The committee is formed to advise the Dean on budget as it impacts efficiency, effectiveness, excellence, and academic and strategic plans.

The budget system is based on the principles that all sources are interchangeable, that quality, predictability and stability are paramount, and that consultation with, and advice of faculty, staff, students and administrators are critical. Furthermore, systems, reporting and monitoring of the budget and its impact are recognized as integral to continuous improvement of the budget structure. It is assumed that the college budgeting system is compatible with the University budget system, goals and procedures and is supportive of college values and goals.

Desirable Attributes of the College Budget System

  • Adaptable
  • Transparent and articulated
  • Encourages accountability and responsibility at the appropriate level
  • Encourages cooperation
  • Recognizes the need for common (college-wide) resources & services
  • Recognizes the need to manage risk
  • Aligns responsibility with commensurate authority
  • Not punitive
  • Minimizes complexity
  • Links to strategic plans and Discovery Themes, as appropriate

Adopted November 2014

FY18 Advisory Committee Members and Terms of Office

Area Representative FY18 Member Term Term Expires
Dean Don Pope-Davis Permanent N/A
Director and SFO, Office of Finance
and Business Services
Vacant Permanent N/A
Director and SHRP, Office of
Human Resources
Bryan Lenzo Permanent N/A
Staff Faith Haleem 3 Year June 30, 2019
Chairs Chris Faltis Rotates Annually June 30, 2018
Administration - Associate Deans Natasha Slesnick 3 Year June 30, 2018
Teaching and Learning Faculty Leslie Moore 3 Year June 30, 2018
Educational Studies Faculty Helen Malone 3 Year June 30, 2018
Human Sciences Faculty Rich Bruno 3 Year June 30, 2019