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Campbell Hall FAQ

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What is the time frame for moving out?

Move out dates vary:

  • ‘Dry lab’ research projects: December 9 – 16th
  • Historic Clothing Collection: begins moving in December
  • 'Wet’ research labs/offices: May 3 – May 26, 2023.

All faculty and staff, not in the groups mentioned above, are encouraged to move out as soon as possible after January 1st

If you need help loading your vehicle, assistance will be provided on:

  • Friday, January 6th
  • Friday, March 17th
  • Friday, April 28th

Move-Out Preparation

When will we have boxes and tape to begin packing?
Packing boxes/tape have been delivered to Campbell, room 325.

  • Unassembled boxes are located on the left side of the room as you enter and rolls of tape are located on the desk on the left side of the room.

When will disposal bins be available for purging?

Disposal bins have been delivered to Campbell:

  • Trash/recycling: located on the Southwest corner of floors 1-3. Use gray containers for trash and blue for recycling
  • Shred bins: located in rooms 130 and 347

Regular pickup of all these containers is scheduled. Let Sara McMaken know if they need emptied between pickups.

Will a moving company pack up my office?
No, you are responsible for packing all your office items.

What moving assistance will be offered for those needing to transport computers and monitors to off-campus locations?

If you need help loading your vehicle, assistance will be provided on:

  • Friday, January 6th
  • Friday, March 17th
  • Friday, April 28th

Temporary Parking

Where can I park while loading my car to take things home?

Temporary parking is available for personal vehicles that are being used to transport items back home.

Occupants needing temporary 15-minute parking can utilize any of the following locations:

  • (1) parking space is located on the North side of the building
  • (3) loading zone spaces located on the docks of Lazenby Hall on the North side of the Campbell Hall

Multiple parking spaces across the street from the South side entrances of Campbell Hall on Herrick Dr.

Avoid parking in designated parking spaces used for research studies on the North side of the building, spaces designated for handicapped use on the West side of the building, and Campbell Hall’s loading dock space on the West side of the building.

Swing Space

What is the place for my office?

The quantity of swing space offices is very limited. Your department will determine if you require office/lab swing space, or if you will work remotely, or a hybrid work model.

What if I don’t have an assigned swing space office, but need to temporarily work on campus?

‘Touch-down’ workstations will be available in Ramseyer Hall for faculty/staff/students who require short intervals of on-campus work time.

What happens to our boxed stuff during the Campbell Hall renovation?

If you will be working from home, take the boxes home that contain the items you need to do your work.

The College does not have storage facilities to store boxes.

Can I move my plants in the place of destination?

Yes, but consider the following about swing space …

  • It may be smaller than your existing space
  • It may not have windows
  • It may be a shared space

Office Furniture

What happens to existing office furniture?

Existing office furniture will be:

  • Used in swing space
  • Repurposed by colleagues within the College
  • Sent to OSU Surplus

Will office furniture be returned to Campbell Hall after the renovation?

No, office furniture will not be re-used in the renovated Campbell. New furniture will be provided as part of the renovation.

Can we mark the furniture items that we want to have back after the renovation?

No, the College does not have facilities to store furniture. Existing furniture will not be re-used in the renovated Campbell Hall.

Will faculty and staff be able to take home OSU office furniture that they have been using in their office?

If you will be working from home during the renovation, yes, you are permitted to take home office furniture only after documenting it.

Each person is responsible for moving items to their homes.

Are funds available at the college level for home office furniture needs?

No, however funds are available through a Lifestyle Spending Account (LSA) funded by the University in 2023 at a maximum reimbursement benefit of $125 each quarter of the year.

Lifestyle Spending Accounts

Technology Related:

What type of off-campus IT support will be available to hook up new and existing technology?

EHE OIT will continue to provide technical support for your work on university owned computers. All work for the university MUST be performed on computers owned and managed by Ohio State.  You will be responsible for moving and connecting computer equipment at your home work location. EHE’s OIT service desk will then be in a position to provide support, including remote access, at your request.

What kind of internet connectivity support will be offered to those working off-campus?

As you work from home, continue to be responsible for providing internet connectivity.

Does EHE IT and/or the EHE Office of Research have information about how security will be addressed in order for everyone to maintain compliance with regulatory and funding agency regulations?  

While many faculty/researchers already have secure access to research systems and data, EHE IT will consult to arrange new safeguards, as needed.  Please be sure to submit a service request via