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Assessment and Curriculum Reporting and Information Requests

Reporting and Information Requests

Our mission is to produce high quality information and analyses to support strategic planning, decision-making, program improvement, assessment, and accountability for the College of Education and Human Ecology. These responsibilities include:

  • Conducting institutional research to support college decision-making and planning
  • Advising the dean and other college and unit leaders on strategic issues
  • Reporting and analyzing strategic plan indicators and other performance measures
  • Coordinating and supporting college and unit-level benchmarking
  • Generating datasets of strategic interest to the college via surveys and focus groups
  • Conducting research on issues of strategic importance to the College using national and institutional databases
  • Providing data and reporting services to meet external accountability and reporting requirements
  • Providing data support for program reviews and accreditation
  • Providing data for national rankings including USNWR, NRC, FAEIS and others as appropriate