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Research Interests

All researchers in the college should have a profile page that is accessed through the College Directory. A section of each profile is called “Research Interests.” We use that data to create a browsable structure that can be accessed by going to the EHE directory and clicking on the link that says – “You may also locate faculty and research staff by their research interests” (right under the title Directory).

You can click on any of the terms and see who in the college does research in those areas. You can also click on the name of the researcher and go to their profile page.

Research Interests Directory

Create/Update a Profile Page

If you haven’t already created your EHE profile, fill in the attached template and send to to get the request into the EHE OIT ticketing system. You don’t have to wait until your profile is up to take the Research Interest survey. You can do that now! We will combine them later. You can always update your existing profile page using the same form.

Create/Update a Profile Page

Take the Research Interest Survey

In recognition of the diversity of the College, you will be given an opportunity to select topics from Education, Human Sciences, or both.  You may opt out of either of the sections.  

Please keep in mind that this survey is the first step in the process in creating your research interests profile. We will continue to refine the terms until you are satisfied that they represent your research. If you select a term that is close to your area of expertise in the field of Education and/or Human Sciences there will be a couple of follow-up questions: 1) asking you to choose your top three priority areas, 2) allowing you to add specifics to those three areas. If you only have one or two priority topics, that’s fine. You have to choose a minimum of one and a maximum of three. These Level 1 terms were taken from the National Center for Education Statistics Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) that aligned with the programs offered in our college.

If after you have tried to complete the survey and don’t believe that the available Level 1 terms fit your research interests, please get in touch with me so that we can modify the level 1 terms so that you able to complete the survey. We will continue to work with you until you’ve reached a level of satisfaction that is at least “close enough.”
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