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EHE Staff Recruitment and Searches

This tab serves as a resource for information and guidelines to support Staff searches. These resources are to help create an environment that is equitable, fair, and safe. Creating a diverse and inclusive environment takes intentional effort from the outset of the search for a new employee and through the employee's entire time with the university. We must ensure all applicants have equal opportunity for employment at the university. 


Before Beginning a Search
Prior to beginning any search, all faculty and staff are to complete the EEO Recruitment and Selection Guidelines training in BuckeyeLearn. This guidance sheet identifies how to apply affirmative action and equal employment opportunity requirements in the recruitment, selection, and hiring process. It is your responsibility to apply these requirements, share this information with others involved in recruitment, selection, and hiring processes, and intervene when conduct arises that does not meet these requirements. It is also important to understand your duty to report violations of these requirements and university policy. To complete this training click on the following link EEO Recruitment and Selection guidelines

EHE Recruitment Guidelines - The following guidelines will provide recruitment details that include step by step instructions to support departments within the College of Education and Human Ecology with creating a new staff position and/or backfilling a vacant staff position. 

EHE Search Guidelines – These guidelines will provide you step by step instructions that are required for all searches which must include Affirmative Action & Equal Employment Opportunity Recruitment Basics (AA/EEO) and Applicant Disposition Tracker.
Search Committee Roles and Responsibilities - This tool is to be used to explain the search committee's members roles and responsibilities.
Staff Applicant Disposition Tracking.xlsx - This spreadsheet will be used to track Staff candidates throughout the  search process. Required for all searches and must be completed prior to the letter of offer being provided.
Reference CheckGuided questions to use and form to complete  when doing reference checks for your final selected candidate.
How To Use Workday for Reference ChecksInformation on how to initiate/use the reference check application in Workday
Phone Screen GuideGuided Questions to ask and form to complete with candidates responses while conducting phone screenings.
Interview QuestionsA tool that can be used to help choose the best possible interview questions and set position up for success.
Interview Packet TEMPLATE -This provides the outline of how each interview packet is to be set up. Use the interview questions tool to help create your specialized interview packet.
Interviewed Not Selected – TEMPLATEEmail template to send to a candidate interview but not selected for hire.
Candidate Evaluation Summary – Required summary to be completed after each candidate has been interviewed to collect committee’s evaluation of the candidate’s qualification.
Offer Guidance- This is an outline of the offer process to include script to support your offer conversation with candidate selected.