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College Events

Event Planning 

The following resources have been created to assist you in planning both in-person and virtual events.  

In addition, the event team in the Office of Advancement can act as a consultant and give guidance when planning in-person or virtual events.  The team can meet with you to provide help with initial strategizing as well as:

In-person events:

  • Suggestions for choosing dates/times
  • Setting an agenda
  • Direction on venues and catering
  • Guidance on giveaways

Virtual events:

  • Technical coaching – determining needs, webinar/video platform features, etc.
  • Production planning assistance in the form of a producer’s guide template document
  • Pre-roll presentation template 
  • Assistance with obtaining Zoom webinar license if over 300 registrants (less common)
  • Support in setting up Zoom registration system and other administrative features
  • Guidance with accessibility concerns 
  • Walkthrough test prior to event

What you are in control of:

  • Creative control of your event/webinar
  • Submitting Workday requests for contracts, vendors, etc.
  • Scheduling of speakers
  • Communications including invitations and marketing
  • Securing closed captioning services from an approved vendor¬
  • Registration and receiving payment from registrants
  • Hosting and moderating the event
  • Downloading, hosting, and sharing event recordings

The time from request to consultation is no longer than two weeks.

Request Consultation: