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EHE Faculty & Staff Onboarding Resources

It's a hectic time being a new employee and getting acclimated with all you need to know with a new position. Prior to an employee’s first day they will be given an Onboarding Plan. This plan is provided by the Manager and supported by the Executive Assistant of the department and your department HRC. This Onboarding plan will include information, resources, key stakeholders to prepare new employee for their new position and their success. Following the Onboarding Plan and confirming the completion of each task will ensure the smoothest transition possible! 

New Faculty

Faculty Onboarding
Onboarding Instructions

New Managers

Managers at The Ohio State University, play an important role managing and coaching employees throughout the employee’s journey towards a successful and fulfilling career. This Manager Onboarding plan will support the employees transition into a manager position. 

Manager Onboarding
Onboarding Instructions

New Staff 

Employees are to feel welcomed prior to their first day and be prepared to begin their career with EHE. In addition to attending the New OSU Employee Orientation, New EHE staff will receive a Staff Onboarding Plan that will provide the necessary resources and information to ensure a smooth transition into your new position.  

Staff Onboarding 
Onboarding Instructions  

Manager Resources for Onboarding New Employees

Managers play an important role in guiding new employees as they pursue successful and fulfilling Ohio State careers. There are many resources managers can leverage to welcome and transition new team members. Personalize a welcome message in Workday and make sure the new employee completes important onboarding tasks. Additionally, guides are available to identify important steps to complete at various points in the new employee’s onboarding. More information is available on the HR website.